The idea of starting the Mandal was brought about by Kantilal Tribhovandas Khatri.  He invited between 50-60 people and told them he would like to bring together a group of people and form a committee, which would eventually pave the way for the Kshatriya Mitra Mandal of California. At this point, the key question was whether this new Mandal would get the support necessary to be successful?  According to Kantilal Tribhovandas Khatri, there had been a previous attempt to form a Khatri Mandal, but it was not successful.
It was felt by the majority of members that in order to form a Mandal, the support of the entire community would be needed.

Therefore to gain the community’s support, a meeting was held, and several people attended this meeting in December of 1989.

From the Bay Area Kantilal Tribhovandas Khatri, Rajeshkumar Kantilal Khatri, Mahendra Bhukhan, Chandrakant Naranbhai Khatri, Harjivan Parsotam Bharuchi, Ramanlal K. Kapadia, Venilal Bhukhan, Amratlal Chauhan, Shashikant Morriswala, Kishore Aniawala, Ashok Ambelal Parmar, Thakorlal Dahyabhai Khatri, and Rajnikant Harkisan Khatri attended. From Modesto, Harilal Damodar, Jitendra Kapadia, Kishore Chunilal, and Jayantilal Ratanji attended. Altogether 17 people attended this meeting, as seen below:

In this meeting, it was decided that a hall would be rented and that invitations would be sent out to all community members. Also, at this meeting an unofficial committee was formed. Responsibility for the party was assigned to Kantilal Tribhovandas Khatri & Rajeshkumar Kantilal Khatri, Mahendra Bhukhan & Chandrakant Naranbhai Khatri.

On January 14, 1990, the party to form the new Mandal was held at the Paseo Padre Hall in Fremont, CA. The first donation was made by Kantilal Tribhovandas Khatri in the amount of $5,555.00. This donation would support the initial activities of the Mandal. Committee members announced to all present at the party that there had been much discussion in the past couple of weeks about starting a Mandal and that it can only be possible if the community gave its support.  Needless to say, there was overwhelming support for the idea of establishing a Mandal.

At this point, the names of the committee members who were announced would be given the responsibility to handle the activities of the Mandal.  After the committee members were approved, Harilal Damodar was announced as the first president.  Hasmukh Solanki was given the responsibility of recording on paper the minutes of this historic party/meeting.

Just days after the Mandal was formed, the committee had its first meeting. Rajeshkumar Kantilal Khatri had prepared the initial draft of the new Mandal’s Constitution and was ratified at the meeting. Officers were also nominated and elected at this meeting.  Per the new Constitution’s by-laws, 5 trustees would be selected to oversee the Mandal and its committee.  Harilal Damodar, Chandrakant Naranbhai Khatri, Amratlal Chauhan, Mahendra Bhukhan, and Rajeshkumar Kantilal Khatri were selected as trustees.

The first official event of this new Mandal was Ram Navmi held at the Fremont temple and was financially supported by Chandrakant Naranbhai Khatri and Mahendra Bhukhan. The first Mohatsav was held on November 18, 1990 under the presidency of Dhulabhbhai Aniawala. During the first Mohatsav, these were the officers of the Mandal:

  • President-Harilal Damodar
  • Vice President-Chandrakant Naranbhai Khatri
  • Secretary-Mahendra Bhukhan
  • Assistant Secretary-Kishore Chunilal
  • Treasurer-Jayantilal Ratanji

Today, the Kshatriya Mitra Mandal of California is operating through the full cooperation and support of its community members.

Research done by: Rahul Parshotam

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