Contributed by Rahul Parshotam

During the beginning of the movie, I realized that Saif Ali Khan in the end will choose Diana Penty because opposites attract, it just made sense. Also, he never saw his relationship with Deepika Padukone to be serious, just a little fun. My confidence in my estimation was threatened when I saw Randeep Hooda with Diana Penty, but in the end that didn’t work out. All the songs were great, but for me what stands out is, Jugni. Although, I don’t understand the meaning of the song, and probably won’t look it up, I like how it sounds.

Saif Ali Khan’s character in Cocktail was similar to his character in Love Aaj Kal, and Hum Tum. In the latter two movies, Saif Ali Khan was a flirtatious person, and eventually he finds someone and starts having feelings for them. However, he doesn’t know what to call this feeling. So, he’s basically confused. In Love Aaj Kal and Hum Tum,  it took a little longer for him to figure out that this feeling is called love, but in Cocktail he finds out a little sooner. However, the concept is the same in all three movies.

Coincidentally, Diana Penty’s name in Cocktail is Meera, and Deepika Padukone’s name in Love Aaj Kal was Meera as well. Diana Penty did a decent job in this movie playing the traditional Indian girl. However, the light really shines on Deepika Padukone for first portraying her character as a rich, bindass girl, and then breaking down as the movie progresses after the interval.

The Interval

I have to give kudos to the writers and directors of showing how people reacted to Deepika Padukone after her self esteem diminished rapidly in the club after she saw how happy Diana Penty and Saif Ali Khan were. Club patrons looked at her with disgust as she walked down the stairs of the club, and she sat on the sofa, it was great cinematography, and also great acting by Deepika. Deepika’s acting ability is further showcased when after throwing up…she tells Diana Penty how she really feels about Saif Ali Khan, and how she feels about what Diana Penty has done.

Final Thoughts

Based on the box office collections, this movie was definitely a success, and I will not argue with that. However, the concept in this movie is getting a little old. I look at this concept similar to the concept in Priyadarshan’s funny movies. Priyadarshan’s movies are generally funny, but in the end it becomes a hodge podge where people are running after one another. Eventually, you get tired of it. Since this movie has made money, the writers and producers will keep using this concept and may be tweak it just a little. The reason is simple, if its worked before, then it will work again, right?

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