Oh My, he has a cold

Contributed by: Rahul Parshotam

When I was younger, and I had a cold, I wasn’t scared of my cold. I just thought, I was sick and that’s all right, it happens. Now when I have a cold, and people know I have a cold they may say, “Oh, stay away from me.”

Its clear that some adults do stay away from people who have a cold, and shield themselves from people who are sick. That’s only one part of my observation. The second part is, when adults get sick they are in a hurry to get rid of the cold.  They start a timer in their head, and their goal is to get rid of their cold as soon as possible.

Why do we react differently to a cold now vs. when we were children? It could be because the Internet has spoiled us and has conditioned us to expect everything quicker.

I have a cold, and I need to able to cure it fast. If it takes longer, that’s unacceptable.

It could be because having a cold sucks. You have to deal with sinus congestion, mucus, and all the other stuff, but we dealt with this as children, and we probably weren’t as agitated with it as we are as adults.

It could be because as adults we are much busier, and we cannot afford to have a cold. It slows us down, decreases our focus and you have to blow your nose often.

It could be because the advertising we see on TV usually advertises a medicine’s ability to heal you quickly. Fast release gel caps, extra strength, fast-max, and there’s a lot more terminology that is written on the packaging of cold medicine products that help your goal to heal yourself quickly.

I honestly don’t have an answer, but it was something that I wanted to discuss as we head into Winter.

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