Dialogue Dinka Chika

Contributed by Rahul Parshotam

Dialogues have always been important when it comes to movie making. Great dialogues can make a movie along with a good story a super hit, and will be remembered years later. What I have noticed is, and it’s a trend that started a few years back is the use of dialogues to market movies to audiences.

It has become more evident after watching the Bol Bachchan, and Rowdy Rathore trailers over again that dialogues have become a tool to market Bollywood films.

Rowdy Rathore’s movie trailers are filled with dialogues. The first being, “Joh meh bolta hoon woh meh kartha hoon,  joh meh nahi bolta hoon woh meh definitely kartha hoon.The second being, “Apun ka Fatka, chaar soh chaalis ka jahtka.”

In marketing, I was taught the power of songs or a jingle on people. When people like a jingle or a song they will remember that jingle, and the product. I can still remember the jingle to Stanley Steemer. Their marketing worked on me, because of their jingle. Dialogues have become the jingle for the Bollywood movie industry.

Now, let’s fast forward to Bol Bachchan’s trailers that appeared on TV. The Bol Bachchan movie trailers on TV were short, and always showed a part in the movie where a clever dialogue was being said. One of Bol Bachchan’s trailer’s highlights the dialogue, “When elder get cozy, younger don’t put nosy. Along with the delivery of the dialogue there is background music playing, so it sounds like a jingle. After you hear that dialogue with the background music many times, you will remember the movie as well.

Now, I know dialogues are not the only tool being used by Bollywood. They have also used item songs, music videos, controversy, and all other sorts of strategies, but keep an eye out for the use of dialogues as well.

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