Mohastav 2012

This is Rahul, your web site coordinator.

Our most awaited event, Mohatsav 2012, is on Sept. 2nd, in Lodi, CA.

It’s important to understand that the Mohatsav is a variety show, and not a talent show. You don’t have to be the best dancer, even give the best item to participate, and your age doesn’t matter.  All you need is passion, some practice, and you will do fine.

I know there are people in our community who like to dance but shy away from the stage. I know there are people who are funny but shy away from the stage. The truth is, when you get up on the stage your nervousness fades away.

We’re a community, and in our community we have poets, comedians, actors, dancers, musicians, Djs, martial artists, powerful public speakers, mathematicians, and so much MORE. Believe me, when you are a participant, the Mohatsav is even more exciting!

In fact, I myself have decided to participate in the Mohatsav, and I am writing a drama play, entitled Kay Kay.

So, think and decide what you want to do, and then email Vaishali Sutaria at

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