Have Dinner and Then Hang Out

Contributed by Kshatriya Community Member


2030 Union St.
San Francisco, CA 94123



I have been to this restaurant three times now. It is located on Union St. in San Francisco. The atmosphere is really nice. The food was really good too. The cuisine is Asian Fusion. I would recommend to those who eat pork, the pork spare ribs which are to die for. We ordered some other dishes too which I don’t remember right now but overall it was great restaurant.

After that head on over to:

The Brickyard
1787 Union Street
San Francisco
(415) 400-4712

As for the after party or nightlife event, I could recommend a place that is walking distance from Betelnut, its called The Brick Yard.

I’ve been to this place once before and from what I remember, it was a good experience. Again the atmosphere was nice. Its a good size place too and its usually popping.

There are a ton of places up and down Union St. in San Francisco. Even walking around after dinner, you could find a nice bar to hang out at.

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