Imran’s Moment

Contributed by Rahul Parshotam

As I was navigating through the Internet seeing what movies Akshay Kumar is going to be starring in, I saw he was starring in Once Upon a Time Again, the sequel to Once Upon a Time in Mumbai. This is not surprising since I knew he was negotiating the price to be in this movie for a while, but what was surprising is that it also stars Imran Khan.

According to, since 2008, Imran Khan has been in 9 movies.  Out of the 9 movies, 4 of his movies were romantic comedies, and they were successful. As a non-romantic hero his track record is mixed.  Kidnap was an okay movie and Imran’s acting was good but the movie did not receive box office success. However, Dehli Belly was a successful film at the box office. Still, I see Imran Khan as a romantic comedy hero.

Although, I cannot find the storyline for Once Upon a Time Again, I suspect that this movie will help Imran Khan expand his acting resume, and allow him to receive more demanding and serious roles. Emraan Hashmi who starred in Once Upon a Time Mumbai, surprised me with his acting ability, and I think Imran Khan will be able to do the same thing in Once Upon A Time Again.

According to, the movie is set to release August 17th, 2012, but its’ almost mid July, and I still have not seen any trailers for this movie, so I suspect it is not releasing on August 17th.

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