Marvel’s Avengers vs. DC’s Ambition


by Rahul Parshotam

The first Avengers comic book was released in 1963. Can you imagine how unbelievable it must be for the kids who grew up in the 60s reading comic books, and now in 2012, they get to see their super hero team in live action form? It must be a thrilling experience! However, to reach this point, Marvel had to intricately plan their previously released movies.

In Iron Man 1, the audience was introduced to Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson where he hints briefly at The Avengers. In Iron man 2, we meet Natasha Rominov aka Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff decides in Iron Man 2, that Iron man can join the The Avengers Initiative, but Tony Stark cannot.  In Thor, we meet Agent Barton aka Hawkeye who is played by Jeremy Renner. In Thor, we are introduced to Thor’s step brother, Loki, who is the main villain in The Avengers. In Captain America, we are introduced to the Tesseract, which Loki, in The Avengers, uses to open a portal for his army to come to Earth.

Cleary, Marvel had to intricately plan how to progress with their movies in order to make The Avengers a reality. Unfortunately DC, the other big comic book publisher in the U.S. has not been able to duplicate Marvel’s success. In my opinion, DC also has an ambition to introduce their superhero team known as the The Justice League, onto the big screen. The Justice League includes, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Martain the Manhunter.

However, in order to this, their movies have to make money. The Batman franchise has done extremely well, but the Superman and Green Lantern movie did not receive a lot of praise.  This has a put damper on DC’s efforts, but they are not giving up. There’s a new Superman movie coming out in 2013, and is titled Man of Steel . The movie is being directed by Zack Snyder, and produced by Christopher Nolan.  In my opinion, Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are two of the best directors in Hollywood and the new Superman movie is going to kick-ass.

Even after Man of Steel does well, it will still take several years before we ever get to see a live action version of The Justice League, but we can hope.

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