Recipe: Achar Chicken

Contributed by Niranjana Bhukhan

Serves 4-5 people

Achar Chicken


1 Bag (3.5 oz) Achar Gosht Spice Mix with Garlic + Ginger (Laziza Brand) Pack includes 2 bags (photo of package)

1 Bell pepper cubed

6-10 green chilies (Serrano or Jalapeno) slit once through the middle

1-2 tablespoons fresh or bottled lemon juice

1-1   ½ stick butter, ghee (or oil)

5-6 ripe tomatoes blended (or chopped)

2 lbs boneless or whole chopped chicken pieces

2-3 cups Yogurt (beaten)

3-4 teaspoons homemade

fresh masala (ginger/garlic/chili paste)

Garnish cilantro (optional)


  1. Take 1-2 tablespoons of Achar Gosht Masala from (one bag) and mix with lemon juice and fill in the green chili that you slit through the middle earlier.
  2.  Stir fry the bell pepper and put aside.
  3. Fry meat and fresh masala for 2-3 minutes in butter, then add tomatoes, continue cooking for another 7-10 minutes.
  4. Then put yogurt, bell pepper, and remaining Achar Gosht masala bag in chicken and cook while stirring for about another 10 minutes.
  5. Put masala filled green chilies all around top of chicken, cover lid and cook on medium heat for another 8-10 minutes. Leave covered so chilies cook.

Now, your Achar chicken of unique taste is ready. This dish tastes good with plain Paratha, and is available frozen ready to cook.

Vegetarian option:

½ amounts of ingredients for 14 oz paneer

½ cubed and fried in little butter ahead

A message from Niranjana Bhukhan:

For all the ladies who love cooking like I do, it’s a creation, an art to cook. We create, change, and substitute ingredients to our taste. One dish does not remain our favorite; all ingredients do not always stay precise and same. Cook with whatever is available, but it makes the best home cooked food made with love in the mind and expectancy for the meal eaters to enjoy the food. We eat at restaurants and find their flaws and then we create an alteration at home, to cook the dish better, that should be the attitude for all cooks. Be better! Cook better, Cook healthier!

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